The Speedy Experience: Mark’s Story

The Situation 

One warm summer Saturday night in Sioux Falls, South Dakota Mark was in need of a hand. His good friend had called around 10 p.m. from the county jail and needed bond posted. Mark called several people and places but not one answer. He turned to Google and Speedy Release Bail Bonds popped up, so he called. “Speedy Release was the only one who picked up.  They said they could meet me across from the county jail in Sioux Falls in less than 30 min,” Mark says.

Quick and Painless

With Speedy Release’s timely manner and professionalism, we were able to team together and help out Mark’s friend. After a quick 20 min of questions and paperwork, Mark’s friend was free to go. “Within an hour of my call, they had him out of jail. Processing went quickly,” Mark adds, “It was a straightforward process. I answered a couple questions, they explained the bail bond process and since Speedy Release has so many locations, I just had to walk across the street to meet with an agent. Very convenient and simple.”

Looking Back

Being reminded of his experience, Mark shares how he felt the customer service and professionalism are what eased his stress in an uncertain situation. “They were friendly, easy to work with, non judgemental, and calming. For someone like me who hasn’t dealt with this before, Speedy Release made the experience a lot less stressful and I was really impressed with the professionalism.” 

Our Word is Our Bond

Trust and confidence are essential in any business relationship, and to Speedy Release, we want our customers to know they can lean on reliable agents who care about their clients. Mark pointed out the importance of privacy for many individuals, “privacy is important and I felt confident in their abilities to protect me. They left no details out and made sure I was comfortable and really understood the process and the responsibility I was taking on.” When asked about recommending Speedy Release Bail Bonds, Mark replied, I 100% recommend these guys when you need a hand in a situation like this. Overall they’re respectful of your time, and honestly really friendly.” He adds, “the experience was better than expected. Plus, they were there when no one else was.”

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