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Bail Bond Service in Yankton County, South Dakota

Speedy Release Bail Bonds is your one-stop bail bond service solution for bail, jail releases, bonding, and others. We are a fully licensed bail bond company in Yankton County dedicated to getting you out of jail fast.

Reputable and Reliable Bail Bond Service 

We are a reputable and licensed bail bond company in Yankton County, South Dakota. We have been trusted by the court system of South Dakota for a speedy bail release. We ensure that you will have peace of mind during this stressful and challenging time. We will assist in getting you immediate release to allow for you to be ready for the next stage of your case in Yankton County.

Vast Experienced Bail Bond Service 

At Speedy Release Bail Bonds, we have vast experience that enables us to help you regardless of your case's complexity. Our expert will provide support to walk you through the entire bail bonds process, step by step. With our bail bond expert on your side, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing everything will be handled smoothly and successfully. 

Locally Based Company 

We have fully licensed bail agents in Yankton County, South Dakota. Our bail bond experts are always available for local bail bond services. Our bail bond agents are community members who are dedicated to assisting you regardless of your case's complexity. We can handle any case successfully. 

Extra Support at The Jail Entrance Lobby

You are guaranteed to have assistance from our agent when you arrive at the jail entrance lobby. Once your bond has been approved, we will set a time to meet in the jail lobby to process the bail bond paperwork.  We advise all clients to arrange posting times between 11:30 am to 1:00 pm and 4:30 pm to 6 pm. 

Extra Fees You Need To Be Aware

Aside from the non-refundable bail bond premium, you may be required to pay extra fees to the jail in cash. In South Dakota, a $25 fee is charged per warrant.  The warrant fee must be paid in cash.  Please bring the correct amount as our agent nor the jail will have change for you. 

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For all bail bonds needs, get in touch with us today at 800-564-8898 for immediate help.